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Underfoot is edited by Tim Miller


On simultaneous submissions: the editors are poets too, and we know simultaneous submissions are unavoidable. Please just let us know if something you’ve sent us has been accepted elsewhere.

On basic courtesy: Please be aware that if your email to us includes no cover letter or attempt at a human introduction of yourself and your work, and if it is obvious that you have pasted poems into an email and sent them everywhere all at once, we will not respond at all. Publishing poetry is as hard as writing it, and bad form is as unforgivable in the work as in the presentation. 

Rights to all work reverts to the author upon publication, but it may appear in a future print anthology of some kind.

As to what to send: sorry, no manifestos to be found here. Just send us what you think is good poetry, regardless of content, style, etc. We could give a list of those subjects we do or don’t like, but the best poets usually surprise us in upending both. If you are so inclined, include a brief statement of your poetic philosophy or process, as we may collect these later to include on the site. 

More so than prose, poetry is an art immensely aware of tradition. If you’d like to contribute to the Forerunners section, email me at the same address as above. To contribute, select ten or so poems from someone you particularly admire, from ancient Mesopotamia to Postmodern Whoever, and write a few paragraphs as an introduction to them.

We look forward to reading.

—Tim Miller & Daniel Paul Marshall

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  1. I hope to submit some poems soon and really look forward to viewing this site. Thank you.

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  2. Kamiel Choi says:

    Related to your Forerunner section (but with a distinct approach) is the anthology I keep on; I discuss mainly well-known contemporary poets (born after 1900) who write in English (or who have been translated well) in a colloquial, deliberatly non-academic style. Perhaps some kind of collaboration is feasible?

    Like every poetry adept, I also write, but aren’t ready to publish here (I do make available some verse on the illustrious ‘’) but won’t submit anything here (yet)

    Thank you for your dedication to poetry, it makes the world a more beautiful place!

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